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RAMOS CONSULTING SAS was born from our commitment to meet the specific needs of each organization, offering tailored solutions with a comprehensive approach that translates into the satisfaction of the client’s interests.

We have extensive professional experience in areas such as auditing, statutory auditing, taxes, finance, consulting, and other related fields of knowledge. Our firm is staffed by a select team of professionals from various specialties and led by our principal partner, Certified Public Accountant ALVARO RAMOS ARANGO. We are supported by an information system implemented to provide advisory, consultancy, and assistance in accounting, tax, financial, and technical matters to private companies and public entities at all levels.


We provide tailored tax, accounting, financial, and administrative solutions through timely, efficient, secure, and innovative support. Our services include audits, statutory audits, financial planning, and consulting, all aimed at enhancing organizational competitiveness for the benefit of our clients.


By 2030, we aim to establish ourselves as a renowned firm recognized for providing our clients with professional services in audits, statutory audits, tax and accounting advisory, financial planning, and consulting, all of which contribute to the continuous improvement and growth of organizations.

Comprehensive Policy

Provide tailored solutions with timely, efficient, and secure support to offer tax, accounting, and financial planning advisory services. Additionally, we conduct audits, statutory audits, and consulting aimed at enhancing business competitiveness. Our team is well-prepared to address issues related to the services provided, supported by infrastructure that meets the required standards for continuous improvement while complying with established legislation.


At Ramos Consulting, we are aware of the needs of businesses. This is why we specialize in providing accounting advisory services that support the proper development of companies. We aim to offer our clients reliable and timely accounting information that instills confidence in investors and enables informed decision-making.

Our firm of accountants offers accounting advisory services focused on the outsourcing of accounting services, ensuring comprehensive professional support, as well as the preservation and proper custody of this information.

Accounting and Outsourcing

Our accounting outsourcing places great importance on the continuous updating of current regulations to offer the highest quality accounting and tax advisory services, ensuring the satisfaction and confidence of our clients.
All processes are managed by carefully selected professionals with high academic qualifications and extensive experience in accounting services. These professionals will periodically meet with our clients to analyze results and guide the company towards operations with lower tax burdens.
Among the processes we carry out for your accounting are:

  • Coding, recording, and analyzing transactions.

  • Preparation of Financial Statements based on IFRS (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Changes in Financial Position).

  • Preparation of reports to regulatory entities.

  • Preparation of municipal and national tax returns.

  • Calculation and recording of imports.

  • Conversion of Financial Statements to IFRS.

  • Bank reconciliations.

  • Analysis of balance sheet accounts.

  • Reports to partners.

Statutory Auditing

Our statutory auditing services are backed by our commitment to social and corporate responsibility. We offer a qualified team of professionals capable of serving as Statutory Auditors within your organization, under our strict supervision and oversight.

We ensure the verification of compliance with legal and statutory obligations, the accuracy of financial statements, internal control assessments, risk evaluations, and process reviews.

Statutory auditing in Colombia emerged during the commercial and financial development of the mid-19th century. Its purpose is to audit the financial statements of companies and foster confidence among various stakeholders, including investors. It was regulated by Law 73 of 1935 and designated as a privileged function for Certified Public Accountants through Decree 2373 of 1956.

As a firm specializing in statutory auditing and external auditing, our functions include:

  • Providing periodic reports on the organization’s performance.

  • Reporting on the effectiveness of controls.

  • Identifying whether administrators fulfill their legal and statutory duties.

  • Reviewing whether financial statements accurately reflect the financial position of the entity and its economic results.

Thus, the activities where the service of a statutory auditor is necessary include:

  • Financial Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Management Audit
  • Internal Control Audit

All of the aforementioned activities are functions of our statutory auditing and external auditing services. Our team members will communicate clearly on the progress of your company, ensuring the interests of shareholders, the board of directors, and employees are safeguarded. This enables proactive actions to enhance the company’s operations.

Our statutory auditing service is provided in Barranquilla, tailored to meet the specific needs and coverage required by our clients.

Tax Advisory

We understand that taxes can potentially restrict the operations of your business. We recognize that timely monitoring and submission of your company’s information can lead to profitable benefits for your organization. Leveraging our skills, experience, and corporate knowledge, we offer tax advisory services related to corporate sales taxes and indirect taxes such as:

As a firm specializing in statutory auditing and external auditing, our functions include:

Our accounting outsourcing service places high importance on continuously updating current regulations to provide the highest quality accounting and tax advisory services. This commitment is aimed at ensuring the satisfaction and trust of our clients.

All processes are guided by carefully selected professionals with strong academic qualifications and extensive experience in accounting services. These professionals regularly meet with our clients to analyze results and guide the company towards operations with reduced tax burdens.


  • Preparation and final approval of tax returns.

  • Submission to the appropriate authorities.

  • Management of tax payments on behalf of clients.

  • Handling of issues, notices, or assessments issued by tax agencies.

We represent and defend your tax matters before the National Tax and Customs Directorate (DIAN), administrative courts, administrative tribunals, and the State Council (CS).

Consulting Services


We conduct an analysis of our clients’ financial situation, identifying strengths and weaknesses in their financial structure.

Our services related to the finance area include:

  • Business valuation
  • Development and monitoring of business plans
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Budget preparation

Implementation of IFRS for SMEs

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), known as NIIF in Spanish, are a set of international accounting standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) based in London. These standards aim to establish a common framework for accounting practices worldwide.

Recognizing the global integration, free trade agreements, and the need to actively participate in the global financial dynamics, the Colombian government decided to adopt the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This adoption aims to standardize financial reporting globally, ensuring uniformity and transparency. This effort enhances confidence and efficiency for both domestic and foreign clients and investors.

To facilitate this adoption, the Colombian Congress enacted Law 1314 of 2009. This law supports the internationalization of economic relations and introduces global financial practices, thereby stimulating the country’s development through the use of high-quality accounting and information assurance standards. This initiative aims to instill confidence in the global market.

The Technical Council of Public Accounting (Consejo Técnico de la Contaduría Pública) was designated to oversee the convergence process of accounting, financial reporting, and information assurance standards with international standards in Colombia.

The strategic direction set by the Technical Council proposes that these standards should be applied differentially to three groups of financial statement preparers: Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3.

The Colombian government, through the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, has regulated Law 1314 of 2009. This includes Decree 2784 of 2012, which establishes the technical regulatory framework applicable to Group 1 entities; Decree 2706 of 2012, which applies to Group 3 entities; and Decree 3022 of December 2013, which applies to Group 2 entities (SMEs).

The adoption of IFRS provides an opportunity to enhance financial function within companies by promoting consistency in accounting policies, potentially resulting in greater transparency, increased comparability, and improved efficiency across sectors.

Our consultancy in the implementation of IFRS for SMEs includes the following stages:


  • Technical accounting diagnosis of the company, identifying qualitative and quantitative impacts in the convergence process.
  • Identification of policies to be reviewed.

Design of Structure:

  • Design of the structure for the new financial reporting.
  • Definition of financial and accounting policies and procedures.
  • Chart of accounts based on IFRS.


  • Support throughout the implementation process.
  • Analysis of trial balance and opening balance sheet.
  • Training for the accounting department staff.


  • Follow-up after implementation.
  • Audit of financial statements.

This comprehensive approach aims to assist SMEs in effectively transitioning to and complying with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), ensuring accurate and transparent financial reporting aligned with global standards.

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